Dental practice

Collaboration with: domECO

The project focuses on the waiting room  of a small dental studio. It was necessary to create in the same environment also a small reception/office, without reducing the space. So we designed a wooden structure for the reception, that can be closed thanks to two sliding doors. Gold is a material traditionally used for the best occasions, elegant and solid, but also recalls dental techniques. Waiting room’s walls have been covered with soundproof panels designed by domECO and made by mariantoniaurru. Such full height panels behave as a modern boiserie that develops a new graphic language from Sardinia’s tradional iconography. So panels, pillows and curtain decoration all recall to the same graphic symbol, using delicate golden embroideries to create a new language.

Villa Girasole

Porto Bello di Gallura, North Sardinia
Collaboration with: Mario Dal Molin
(architectural design)

The project consists on a luxurious carpet with circular shape and a series of textiles of a limited collection created only for the living hall of “Villa Girasole”. This recently build resort house is located in the north of Sardinia. The challenge here is to represent abstractly all the characteristics of the sunflower playing with the different tonalities of the flower itself and the light shades. Between the fabrics there is a delicate version of the carpet “Riso”, in white and ochre.

Falksteiner Resort Capo Boi

Villasimius, South Sardinia
Collaboration with: Falksteiner
Design: Paulina Herrera Letelier

Project realized for the reception hall of the Falkenstainer Resort Capo Boi, Sardinia. The installation is made by two component: a 9 metres long rug located on the wall behind the reception on a series of obliquus panels and on the restoration hall, covering almost in full four tables almost in full with a long carpet this wants to represent four different rocks. The long carpet symbolize the life underneath the water in contrast with life in the land and the rocks on the beach.